What is good design? This is a question I try to answer in all projects I work on. Good design…

Makes the complicated simple
In a complicated world where customers are time poor and bombarded with messages everyday, it's imperative for messages to be instantly understood.
"Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated." – Paul Rand
Knows brand is more than a logo 
I’m fascinated by how brands work, behave and engage with the customer – they need to tell a story and entice customers to fall in love with them. A brand needs the balance of coherent thinking and personality which constantly evolves with new ideas to keep fresh and relevant.
Starts with the customer
It’s important to understand the customer and their point of view. Finding out what motivates and inspires them and which part of the customer journey they are on? 
"The only space worth occupying is the space between someone's ears" – John Hegarty

How I work
Being naturally curious means I try to discover as much as possible before I start creating. I find that a strategic approach makes my creative thinking focussed and relevant.

It’s important to really get under the skin of the brand, their customers and the objectives of the business. I'm naturally curious and always do thorough research to immerse myself in a project, this gives context and helps inform my ideas. I believe listening and understanding is the most important part of the process.
I believe its vital to have a clear vision and approach for each project, using my research as a foundation to create a remarkable idea. This informs a cunning plan and ensures my strategy, ideas and design are focussed and relevant. 
Working with sketches, doodles, mood-boards and the all important post-it-note, I always start on paper. This is where the magic happens, where play is vital, and in brainstorms 'no idea is a bad idea'. Creating ideas that excite, engage and inspire, but also meet objectives – finely balancing creativity with commerciality. The final output needs to be not just effective for the business but also to deliver unexpectedly on the briefs objectives.
I start with a great idea, then execute in a wonderful way. 
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