A big brand turn around

In one of the biggest retail branding projects of its time, I was part of the team to turn Coles supermarkets around in 2010. Working on a variety of key projects to make this happen including looking at Value and Fresh. (projects completed whilst Creative Director at Whippet)
Value is a strong part of the Coles brand, and is communicated throughout the store, online and advertising. It was important to have a offer device that had standout, flexible to use across different media and be instantly recognisable as Coles.
Helping launch their new new flagship store in Southlands, which really is the 'Best Supermarket in Australia'. This included local advertising, store POS and launch magazine.
Coles wanted to position themselves as a credible choice for customers who regularly shop in local markets. Creating a freshness proposition which drew on visual language of farm markets to create an eclectic, ‘foodie’ brand toolkit. 
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